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Working with youth 

The Energy Change Lab supports future energy change-makers, and develops initiatives that foster domestic job creation within the Tanzanian renewable energy sector. The culture in large parts of Tanzania’s energy sector and training institutions is highly technocratic, and the focus 
on centralised, top-down grid energy provision is deeply entrenched. Young local entrepreneurs and pioneers sometimes struggle to turn their ideas into viable business propositions, or to get seed funding and advice.

We are developing a comprehensive Energy Leadership programme. This is geared to:

  1. Starting professionals working in the energy sector (or in related sectors, like agriculture or water), who may go on to work in more influential positions in government or industry;
  2. Young people with potential currently working outside formal institutions. The programme offers a range of experiential learning opportunities, mentoring, and a community of practice. The main outcome of the programme is a cadre of individuals equipped with new skills, ideas, advice, and networks to lead, collaborate, and innovate in the energy sector.

The Energy Leadership programme includes the following elements:

  1. Energy Safaris: learning and career inductions for young people from mixed disciplines.
  2. Energy Academy: learning and career development for starting professionals working in energy or related sector.
  3. Renewable Energy Trainings: applied trainings to bridge university education with practical and social skills.
  4. Mentoring: professional coaching to support individuals at early stages of a business idea/initiative – ‘pre-incubation’.
  5. Energy Conversations: monthly dialogues to discuss new ideas and to network.