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Terms of Reference (ToR) for Consultancy Assignment

About the Energy Change Lab

The Energy Change Lab is a program of Hivos and IIED. The Lab works with pioneers and change-makers to create an energy system that is sustainable and people-centered. We do this by developing leaders, incubating prototypes, building evidence, connecting people and sharing ideas.

In Tanzania we are testing prototypes to strengthen accountability in the energy sector, catalyse jobs and spread decentralised energy. We run the Energy Safari as a learning and leadership program for young people, aspiring entrepreneurs and starting energy professionals.

2018: Energy Safari on Productive Uses of Energy

The focus of this year’s Energy Safari is ‘productive uses of energy’ (PUE). This means that the cases participants will work on throughout the week, are all connected specifically to the aim of catalyzing PUE - in off grid rural / remote areas.

Purpose of Consultancy

The purpose of this assignment is to document the Energy Safari event, which will take place in and around Arusha from 28 January to 2 February 2018.

The Energy Change Lab is seeking a documentary filmmaker to direct and produce a high-quality 5 to 6 minute documentary, showcasing our journey with youth participants, including indoor conference setting and outdoor field visits. Furthermore, the consultant is asked to produce high quality photography throughout the week.

The documentary is aimed at an external audience and should therefore serve as a summary of the Energy Safari activities with the youths and showcase the impact of the Energy Safari in Tanzania. In this regard, hearing directly from the youths themselves through the medium of film will effectively illustrate the impact of our projects at an individual level. Thus, the documentary should include footage of individual interviews; of coaches, facilitators and field visit engagements.

Specific Tasks for Documentary Maker

  • Establish a plan and schedule to conduct interviews with key participants and film clips and images of key meetings/interviews with the Energy Safari team and participants. Also accompany participants on site visits.
  • Narrate, edit and produce a high - quality documentary of the Energy Safari week. This will be 5 to 6 minutes digital video material in finest and high quality video formats including HD, AVI and MP4. Share a draft version with the Energy Change Lab team for reviews and comments, before delivering a final version before 20 February, 2018.
  • In addition to the documentary, capture at least 120 high quality pictures of the Energy Safari activities/participants/team throughout the week.


  • Submission of final master high quality video in HD, AVI and MP4 formats
  • Raw footages captured in project areas.
  • A minimum of 120 pictures of the Energy Safari activities/beneficiaries with name of subject in picture, location, and the date picture is captured.
  • Final delivery date: 20 February 2018.

Energy Change Lab Responsibility

  • Establish and facilitate contact with field staff and participants involved and any external contacts needed;
  • Coordinate with project staff for the field visits to set appointments, identify content, and capture the footage;
  • Review and approve the work plan, including schedule for filming, timeframe and approach to be used;
  • Provide reference material;
  • Identify thematic cases for documentation;
  • Provide feedback when and where necessary;
  • Review and approve the draft and final production as stipulated in the deliverables section of contract;
  • Travel vehicles to rural sites (consultant will join the Safari participants).

*The Energy Change Lab will not cover travel fees for consultants coming from outside Arusha region. Consultants operating from the Northern (Arusha) region are highly encouraged to submit their proposals.

Remuneration and Payment Procedures

After selection, the Energy Change Lab will sign an agreement with the consultant to deliver the assignment in the given time period. Payment shall be based on the financial proposal developed for this consultancy. Payment shall be through bank transfer in two installments of;

1st installment of 50% upon submission of an acceptable draft documentary (expect delays in receiving payment due to international wire transfer dynamics); and

2nd installment of 50% final payment upon submission of the final outputs, incorporating suggestions and recommendations from relevant Energy Change Lab staff.

Code of Conduct on Images and Messages

Choices of images and messages will be made based on the paramount principles of:

  • Respect for the dignity of the people concerned;
  • Belief in the equality of all people;
  • Acceptance of the need to promote fairness, solidarity and justice.

In our communications we strive to:

  • Truthfully represent any image or depicted situation both in its immediate and in its wider context so as to improve public understanding of the realities and complexities of development;
  • Avoid images and messages that potentially stereotype, sensationalize or discriminate against people, situations or places;
  • Use images, messages and case studies with the full understanding, participation and permission of the subjects (or subjects’ parents/guardian);
  • Ensure those whose situation is being represented have the opportunity to communicate their stories themselves;
  • Establish and record whether the subjects wish to be named or identifiable and always act accordingly;

Required Experience

  • Extensive experience in producing development-related documentaries and photography for national or international organizations with the aim of reaching both local and international audiences;
  • Excellent technical capacities (state-of-the-art filming equipment, preferably High Definition) to ensure smooth and high quality production
  • Profile of consultant highlighting recent documentaries made for reference and quality check


Interested applicants can also email for any clarifications.