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We invite interested parties to join us to work on the following focus areas:

Distributed energy

Providing energy for all Tanzanians will depend significantly on distributed energy, such as mini-grids and standalone systems, often using renewable or hybrid sources. Mini-grid operators are attracted by Tanzania’s current policy environment, and there is a window of opportunity, however many projects are still in pilot stage and up-scaling is needed.

  • We will use research and engagement activities to explore the Tanzanian energy landscape.
  • We will find out how off-grid green energy services can be better designed so that they result in significant uptake driven by end-user demand.


Energy and jobs:

The renewable energy sector is growing and offers great potential for entrepreneurship. Yet it is still under-developed. Few off-grid start-ups are local, Tanzanian entities.

  • We will look at ways of fostering and growing local micro and small-scale renewable businesses in the energy arena.
  • We will explore how sustainable job opportunities can be created in the renewable energy sector.
  • We will research the requirements for supplying reliable energy where people on a low-income live and work.


Accountable energy:

  • We will enhance existing and develop new feedback mechanisms from consumers to utilities and government in order to improve service delivery.
  • We will look at working with the local tech community to develop digital feedback platforms.
  • We will also look at ways of employing some of the polling methods successfully used by Tanzanian accountability activists in public services.

Please contact us for inquiries and ideas.