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The Energy Change Lab and the European Committee for Training and Agriculture (CEFA) are recruiting for two positions to be based full-time in Matembwe, Tanzania.

CEFA  is an Italian NGO that has been operating in Tanzania for decades and has recently expanded its efforts in electrification in Njombe. CEFA has supported an extensive hydro-based electrification in the area which is now running as an independent utility.

The Energy Change Lab works with pioneers and change-makers to build an energy system that is sustainable and people-centered. The Lab does this by developing leaders, incubating prototypes for sector change, building evidence, connecting people and sharing ideas.

The two positions will be working closely together to implement activities that are directly and indirectly supporting productive uses of energy. The two positions are as follows:
1) Economic Empowerment Officer – managed by CEFA, see Terms of Reference - Economic Empowerment Officer (pdf)
2) Consultant: Value Chains, business models, and Productive Uses of Energy. This position will be managed by the Energy Change Lab and is detailed in this Terms of Reference - consultant (pdf)


Further information about how to apply can be found in the Terms of Reference attached to the two positions.