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Energy Dialogue Date: Wednesday 04th April 2018 from 4:00pm -to- 6:00pm

Topic: Tanzania is a goldmine for renewable energy; Youth opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

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The Energy Change Lab is a program of Hivos and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). The Lab works with pioneers and change-makers to create an energy system that is sustainable and people-centered. We do this by developing leaders, incubating prototypes, building evidence, connecting people and sharing ideas.

The Energy Dialogue is a monthly event that provides a platform for people to engage, share skills and knowledge and learn about specific energy related topics. These open events typically have a host and a panel discussion with an audience, and provide a platform for energy pioneers and change-makers to pitch and discuss new ideas. Our second energy dialogue will focus on opportunities for job creation in the renewable energy sector.


According to National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Tanzania’s population is reaching 52.4 million people, 50% of them aged under 18. How can we create jobs to offer sustainable livelihoods for our youth? The Energy Change Lab is Building Future Energy Leaders, to address the country’s need for jobs as well as address the need for a clean, accessible energy system in Tanzania. Tanzania is well positioned to tap into the huge potential of alternative sources of energy and young, bright minds can help to accelerate the change. In the context of this green energy transition, jobs can be created for and by youth themselves, when they actively take part in the energy debate, using knowledge both from their education systems as well as on the ground, practical knowledge derived from their communities. This Energy Dialogue session is an attempt to create awareness on renewable energy opportunities and to prompt youth in using creative methods to generate a living.

Discussing developments in the Tanzanian energy sector and connecting youth to professionals are key in ensuring that young people are aware of opportunities and that they recognize renewable energy as a crucial component of development.


Social innovation is realized by bringing different minds and skills together: different sectors and disciplines, different cultures and different ages. As energy challenges involve technical, political, economic and social aspects, we very explicitly focus on participants from a range of backgrounds, age 18-35.


The event will be held at Buni Hub (see google map direction of the venue: by the Energy Change Lab at the ground floor space of the Commission for Science and Technology building on Ali Hassan Mwinyi road - Kijitonyama, Dar es Salaam.

When applying, we ask you to share your motivation of why you want to join, what you bring to the table, and what you expect from the program. Don’t hesitate to contact us before, when you have any questions!


Wednesday 04th April 2018 from 4:00pm -to- 6:00pm 

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Apply here: #EnergyDialogueTz

Application deadline: 1st April 2018